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Microsoft releases new Outlook for Mac to Office 365 subscribers...

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Google and Facebook top the list.

By Robert Westervelton Apr 11, 2014 6:37 AM


The serious Heartbleed bug that has plagued OpenSSL, the open-source encryption protocol, has system administrators scrambling to patch the back-end systems supporting many popular online services. Administrators also are revoking keys associated with the digital certificates that validate the authenticity of a website or service, according to Finnish security testing firm Codenomicon, which has set up a thorough website addressing the issueUsers of online services need to take action as well, say security experts, as hundreds of thousands of servers, including those that support Google, Yahoo and Dropbox, may have been impacted. Many of those services are urging users to change their passwords. Here are 10 of those services. 



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Like it or not, enterprises have entered a “post-PC world,” where the network must accommodate new choices at every layer of the stack. These include traditional, mobile, and social applications and operating systems; various server architectures; and an array of mobile devices ranging from smartphones to tablets and other mobility tools. Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) conducted extensive research and analysis to uncover key insights about BYOD (“bring your own device”) and desktop virtualization trends in U.S. enterprises. The Cisco IBSG Horizons BYOD and Virtualisation study surveyed 600 enterprise IT leaders from 18 industries. This paper offers an overview of the top 10 insights.

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In the last decade the Internet, mobile and broadband technologies have redefined our way of life. Collaboration tools have become business-critical, adding value in many ways. This paper presents a framework for assessing the return on a collaboration investment across three areas:

  • Operational Return on Investment (ROI): Achieved by reducing and/or avoiding costs
  • Productivity ROI: Realized through more efficient processes, faster time to market, and reduced cycle time
  • Strategic ROI: Leading to business transformation and strategic advantage
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In this article from McKinsey & Co, Paul Willmott asks what are the right questions at a time when digital technologies are beginning to disrupt industries and mastering these technologies may be the key to long-term survival and success?

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The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) phenomenon is reshaping the way IT is purchased, managed, delivered, and secured. And because it’s part of the growing IT consumerisation trend, IT leaders can’t ignore it. Nor should they want to.

From something as simple as allowing workers to access corporate email on their personal smartphone to a full-blown program in which the company subsidises the purchase of personal laptops, BYOD has the potential to increase worker productivity, create a more flexible working environment, and even reduce IT costs.

But BYOD also brings significant challenges. IT must secure data on devices the company may not own. Help desks may need to support a larger selection of devices and operating systems than they currently do. And you may need to develop new policies and procedures for device procurement and management, application deployment, and data ownership.

In this white paper from Tech Republic, key issues around real challenges of BYOD are discussed.

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The advances in application use by organisations is radically changing the enterprise security landscape. The security apparatus at today's enterprises needs to be aware not only of applications and users accessing the network, but also of the device in use, the location of the user and the time-of-day before granting access.

Such context-aware security requires a rethinking of the firewall architecture. Yet, the context-aware firewall needs to integrate easily with existing security infrastructure.

In this white paper from Cisco, developments on this front are discussed as well as recent advancements in Cisco's range of ASA appliances.

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