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Managed IT Services

We can proactively manage your entire IT communications network.

Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is the proactive process of monitoring WAN performance compared to the design specification.

There are a number of indicators used to measure the performance of a WAN. Common performance indicators include:

  • latency – where the time it takes for a packet of data to get from one point in the WAN to another point is measured and tracked
  • application performance – where the time taken for an application (such as MYOB) to perform function from points throughout the WAN is measured and tracked.
  • error rate – how many packets of data are erroring out and whether this is within specification
  • delivery rate – how many packets of data are arriving at their intended destination

Server Maintenance

Proactive maintenance and support provides continuous identification, management and review of a communications network and identifies problems before they manifest as downtime.

Much like preventative maintenance in the aeronautical industry, EtherWorks' proactive maintenance and support systems identify, manage and resolve network performance issues before they impact on the operation of the network.

Our engineers have previously managed very complex environments with a variety of security requirements. As such, we have a wide range of expertise in managing and supporting all areas of IT operations, including the provision and management of networked and end user hardware, monitoring of infrastructure and patch management. EtherWorks engineers have supported many different backup and restore solutions, from hard drive based backup to multi-tape arrays.

We use the LogMeIn application to help our clients resolve desktop issues remotely – regardless of their operating system or device.

Desktop Support

We can manage your Microsoft environment and we're also an Office 365 Partner

We are experts in the design, deployment, management and maintenance of Microsoft systems. Members of our team have been responsible for managing server, desktop and infrastructure environments for SME through to Enterprise level organisations.

We can manage your MS Windows servers (2003 or 2008), Exchange, SharePoint, security, backup and disaster recovery systems.

Our Client Support services include:

  • Virus recovery.
  • Installation and configuration of supported applications.
  • Installation of printer drivers and support of printers and copiers as needed.
  • Initial user profile configuration.
  • Internet connection problems.
  • Deployment of software patches.
  • Staff additions, movements and changes.
  • Diagnosis and assessment of faulty hardware.
  • Email archiving.
  • User and email account set up and configuration.
  • Website support, including DNS issues.
  • Software updates

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