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Riverbed PartnerThe Riverbed WAN Optimisation solution changes the way business works by improving and accelerating application performance across the WAN. Using WAN Optimisation provides LAN-like access to data and applications throughout the business regardless of location or access device. An effective WAN optimisation solution will reduce the cost of IT infrastructure and increase the productivity of users across the network.

Typical improvements to the performance of applications across the network range from 5-50 times improvement with some cases experiencing up to 100 time improvement.


Large scale ERP solutions quickly diminish in performance once distributed to users beyond the local area network - particulary mobile workers. Using WAN Optimisation solutions such as Riverbed allow for more effective use of ERP systems to users regardless of their location. Take full advantage of systems that have already been purchased or re-examine access methods that have been sidelined because of performance issues.

Riverbed extends the life of IT investments and changes the productivity of those using existing systems with performance issues across a WAN. In typical situations Riverbed can reduce the amount of WAN bandwidth required by 65-95%, reduce the amount of unneccesary traffic on the network and reduce the number of data centres required to serve an organisation without any loss of performance.

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