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Palo Alto

Protect your business against network threats

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Is your antivirus tool inadequate? Are you looking for new technology to help prevent security breaches? You must protect yourself not only from known and unknown cyber threats, but also from the failures of any traditional antivirus solutions deployed in your environment.

Palo Alto Networks recently announced a new release of Traps with new capabilities and enhancements.

Palo Alto Networks Traps replaces traditional antivirus with Multi-Method Prevention that preemptively blocks known and unknown cyber threats from compromising your endpoints. Traps combines the most effective, purpose-built, malware and exploit prevention methods to protect and enable end users to click with confidence because Traps prevents them from inadvertently running malware or exploits that compromise their systems. Traps automatically converts the threat intelligence gained from our global community of customers and partners into prevention of cyber breaches, in contrast to merely detecting and responding to incidents after critical assets have already been compromised.

Some of the benefits of having Palo Alto Traps in your network:

  • Static analysis through machine learning for enhanced malware prevention.
  • Trusted Publisher verification for improved performance.
  • Remediation and quarantining of malware files.

EtherWorks is a Palo Alto Partner so if you want to upgrade your business' network security with Palo Alto solutions just contact us. 

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